Kiss of Death (In Memoriam)


This is a short and rather difficult second post.  On the 8th October we had to make the sad decision to have Willow, my cat, put to sleep.  She was nearly fifteen. By a sudden, cruel, twist of fate, or bitter irony (you decide) she developed pancreatitis which lead to kidney failure and, after trying everything to help her, the vet declared it was no longer in Willow’s best interests to continue with treatment.  She was a pretty little thing, not terribly fond of humans, or dogs or other cats, but I miss her. The upstairs is eerily quiet and empty without her.

I was genuinely convinced she’d live to be at least twenty and during her days of struggling I developed a sort of superstitious notion that if the cat lived, I’d live and vice versa.  Weirdly, the only other time Willow was ill was during my radiotherapy treatment in October 2011.  She nearly died then and it cost me a bloody fortune in vet fees.  I had radiotherapy to my pelvis at the end of this September. Coincidence?  I actually have no religious beliefs and I’m generally too much of a sceptic to believe in fate or anything like that, however, I do find the inexplicable intriguing.  I can only assume that these kinds of thoughts are ‘normal’ for someone in my position and the experience has raised some interesting questions.  I’ve also developed the infantile behaviours of sleeping with a ‘comfort’ blanket and leaving the landing light on.  I’m surprised.

Anyway in conclusion, I have decided that public, wry expressions of my desire to outlive the household pets is clearly the kiss of death for them, so hereon in I shall desist.  There was a moment though … a very brief moment, when I considered purchasing a tortoise.

9 thoughts on “Kiss of Death (In Memoriam)

  1. Does not matter what you do , if it helps you along this Rocky Path. And if it brings comfort to you believe it.
    I am so sorry about your Pussy cat, so sad.

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  2. Hi Sara,
    Your blog is an incredible read. I’m not sure I can say I enjoyed it but you speak from the heart and I have such a strong image of you right now – fab humour, cynical and saying it how it is!
    Horrible to lose a pet – perhaps a tortoise is in order!

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  3. Hi Sara, it’s Sue here, Cleo’s old school friend, Sam Davies’s mum.

    I am so sorry hear about your your cat Willow who I can just imagine has been a wonderful comfort to you. I am even more sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Your blog is a an entertaining and poignant read and is a way of my letting you know I am thinking of you.

    Surround yourself with as many pets as is practical, they are so knowing, entertaining and can be a great distraction – it’s good to be needed!

    Sending you love and a hug too xx

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